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food ContactSheet-001.jpg


I selected these images because they’re unique a creative in their own ways.  I like how the photographer incorporated different shades of purple veggies and they arrange the subjects. The green gives it a nice contrast I like the close up images, it emphasizes the texture and lighting, giving it a nice offset. I like the usage of jars and the arrangement, they’re not too symmetrical thus giving a nice sense of organization and isolating certain colors.  I like how the corn stands out with the green and white table and plate. The picture is amazing and well executed with no harsh lighting or too much highlight, it seems well balanced. The white powder being sprinkled on the hotcakes is a nice and subtle effect. The lighting is also on key with the berries and rustic table. I plan to use some of these elements in my on work, they’re very influential.

Ex G


Ex_gThese different portraits have various different styles. what i like about the Tom hoops’s one is how the background on the left side is really black that makes the subject stand out. For the Alessio portrait i like how the photographer highlights the models face and all her facial features. Lisa’a portrait uses natural lighting to expose the subject. Furthermore she uses color to show the tone she was going for. Becca portrait uses smoke to make this a creative portrait that along with black and white to highlight her subject.

Ex D


TableTopAll these photographers have various styles that i will try to utilize in my table top photography. Igor Ferreiral uses strobes to highlight his product as well as spotlight, this is the same technique that i will use for my table top photography. As for Yane she uses the color to arrange her composition that add correlation to her products. Suzanne uses simple close up and depth of field to highlight her product and lastly donnie uses location and natural light to highlight his subject. I will take some of these styles and implement them into my tabletop project.