I chose most of these product photographs because I like the manipulated colorful backgrounds. I also like the quality of the pictures, most of them look professional. There are specific things i want to learn to do with my product photography such as colorful crisp backgrounds, typography, and lighting. with the exception of the sunglasses most of these product shots pop and are very stimulating.

Product Shot 4- I like the transparency or surface that the product is on. The background colors are nice and light  and have a cool glowing aura around the image, but the product still looks sharp. I want to learn how to manipulate backgrounds/ backdrops using Photoshop.

Product Shot 3-

This image is nice and clean. It looks simple and has a cool vignette.



Product Shot 1-

I want to learn how to photograph still life like this and recreate these backdrops with complimentary colors with Photoshop.



Product Shot 2-

I like this image because of the colorful background and the way it makes the product pop. It looks professional, and fun .