I like the levis add for a few reasons.  First, I like that the image is slightly off kilter and I like the angles of the metal framing the model.  Second, the model is not bad looking and looks pretty sexy in those jeans.  Third, I like that the text is central but is not too distracting from the rest of the add.

I like the lipstick add manly for the colors.  Most of it is relatively subtle except for the red lips – the rest of the model’s makeup is not over the top.  I also like that it has the actual lipstick in it.

I included the burger add because it just looked good.  I have to be honest, I HATE Carl’s Jr. and I dislike food adds because the food pictured is never what you actually get (especially fast food places).

The last add for Kraft was included because I liked the tag line – “Let’s get zesty”.  It is very suggestive and it doesn’t hurt that there is a half naked guy staring out at you either. I guess that is the whole point though.

Now, for my comments on the images that others brought to class tonight:

I thought that everyone did a good job bringing in a variety of commercial photography examples.  There were many subject matters, styles, as well as photography techniques represented.  I do wish that everyone printed the images they brought to class in color so that we could see the image as it was intended.  Color is so important in advertisements.