The following examples of commercial photography are ones that I like. The colors are bright and eye-catching. I love the way the orange float in the water, I tell me that the water is not just water but there is an orange flavor to it.


In this photo I is the us of black and muted color that I like. It adds a scene of drama to the phote.Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong1.jpg

everyone loves food and dessert is on of my favorite part of any meal. The way the foo in this photo is set up makes it look moth watering. I like the color palette that was used.


The lighting is what I like in this photo. It is that human element I also like. It looks like the moment she pulled up to the dealership that he was waiting for her.


It  was great to see all of the other Ideas of commercial photography!. The differences in color and saturation effectedthe tone of the photos. Most food products where bright like the Carl’s JR. add. The muted tone of the lady in the pool added drama to the scene. There was a bite of playfulness with the zesty man.and I showed that not all commercial photography has to be serious.