I think that what drew my eye to most of these images is the color (e.g., art-1,  all of the ingredients images, as well as the styled-2 image).  I also liked the creativity of the plating of the styled-1 desert.  I love the color and shapes of the art-1 image.  Loved the creativity of the art-3 image, and in relation to the art-2 image – who doesn’t like minions.  To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling it on the product images.  The product-1 image I chose for color.  The product-2 image I chose because I like the subtlety of the color and the fact that the photographer made sure Oreo was in focus.  The product-3 image I chose because Guinness is my favorite beer.

I am going to try to incorporate color into all of my images. I also like the darker backgrounds with the ingredient images so I will try to do something with that.  The food as art images are going to need thinking on.  Frankly I have no idea what I am going to do there.  I am definitely going to do a proper Guinness image WITH FOOD – if for no other reason so I can drink it after.