For this exercise, I choose Brittany Wright, Julie Lee and the Kitchenista Angela because all of them have very different unique styles. First, I choose Wright because her colorful pictures. I love how she uses the vegetables and fruits with different tones in color to create a good balance composed picture. I would not think that that placing a same vegetable or fruit in different color tone; it could create a beautiful color photograph. Moreover, I choose Julie Lee because it is interesting to see simple items such as peppers, leaves, cakes create a high-end wallpaper. These pictures do not even look like they are edible. Also, I like how she contrast that white background with the colorful items. Finally, I choose The Kitchenista Angela because her pictures are more classic food pictures. Her style is more simple but I like how she place the food. I identified with these photographers because I am planning in using colorful products and arranging in a form that I can capture the eye attention. It seems simple, but I bet it is harder that it looks.