I went with four very different styles to show the extent of what can be done with food and a camera. The first photos I selected were taken by Andrew Scrivani and were chosen because of the simplicity and the close up with the ingredients. They show a lot of texture detail of the foods and drinks he uses. The next photographer did a series where the main idea was raw food, especially raw meat, which is not known for being in food photos. Raw meats do not pop out as easily as some other ingredients so I was impressed with how RACHEL KORINEK made this happen. The next were my personal favorite done by Steve Hansen, splashes and crashes. I love how he was able to make food look physically alive and energetic! Not only that, but he made the food look random and in sync at the same time. The last set of photos were done by Vera Wohlleben and she made these look dark and moody while still having great contrast. Ex1_C.jpg