I choose Marcel Christ because I like that his still life pictures are objects in motion. I believe that taking these pictures it might bit hard; however, I would like to experiment this technique in my still life pictures. I kind of have an idea of how to do it, but looking at his pictures he made me want to try that style. On the other hand, I like Sam Kaplan still life pictures because she shows me that anything can be still life photography. I am no sure what are going to use for my pictures; however, Kaplan gave me an idea of the objects I can use. Also, I like that Kaplan uses really strong background so the object stand out. I would not think that with bills one can create an outstanding still picture. Moreover, what I like about Martin Zalba still pictures is the lighting.  For my lighting, it is not my stronger thing, so looking at his pictures he gives me a sense of how I can light up my object. I like that the subject is getting the main light, but the background is a bit dark. Finally, Bas Meeuws captured my attention because I like his technique of using flowers for his still pictures. I am not really interested in doing still pictures of flowers; however, I like the details on his pictures. I believe he has a strong composition on his pictures such as the lighting, the background and the colors.Research