EXG Contact2For beauty portraits, I liked how the photographers used lighting and editing to create a mood for their images. I liked how in Nukem’s case, he used harsh shadows and a heavy contrast to compliment the dark mood he was trying to evoke. In Davison’s images of Lorde, he used harsh lighting to create drama. I also liked the position of the model’s. For Damon Baker, he captured his model with a delicate hand, with the camera angle turned up and movement in the hair.

For fashion and advertisement shots, I liked how photographers chose colors that helped highlight the product. For example, the images by Lagerfeld and Green chose backgrounds that didn’t distract from either the logo of the brand or the main accessory. I also liked the incorporation of an interesting background to add to that street style, youth, “this is what the cool kids wear” type of feel.

For editorials, I liked how the composition worked to enhance the person of interest. For Stock’s image the microphone helps the eye go to the pianist, as well as the line for of the trombone moves the eye to the pianist as well. I liked Charli Burrow’s image because she used shadows to frame herself and her artwork,which I thought was an interesting way to draw attention to the main subject.