I choose David LaChapelle because I love that his portraits are color and very creative. I would love to use some vibrant color on my editorial or Fashion portraits. I love how every portraits tell a story and everything seems to be in the right place. Also, his portraits make a reference to a theme. On the other hand, I Like Melania Brescia portraits because they seem to have movement and tell story. I would like to try to take pictures with the hair moving or even with a color light. I think if I use one of these elements; they will create a dynamic portrait.  Moreover, I like the light that Lee Jeffries uses on his portraits. I love that he focuses a lot on the faces and its texture. Also, I like that the eyes are really highlight that the look is so strong that I can feel something. I like the color of the portraits that they are almost gray  and no colorful; I believe that this helps the picture a lot. For my beauty portrait, I want to focus in the eyes and the pupils as Lee Jeffries did. Finally, I like Manny Librodo portraits because it is almost like David Lachapelle because of the vibrant colors and the exotic backgrounds. I wish I could have that kind of production to take this kind of portraits. mn