Since I am planning to do my Lookbook on Jewelry/dresses, I found these three photographers that inspired me for what I had in mind. I choose Victor Demarchelier’s photography because I love how he does his Fashion photography. I like how he contrasted the color of the clothes with the background. Also, I like that he shoots both outdoors and studio. For my project, I would like to do shoot outdoors because I like to use natural light and play with the background and the model. Since I am planning in doing my project in dresses I feel that Demarchelier gives me an idea of what how to contrast the background with the models. Moreover, I love that Andrew G. Hobbs photography is very simple but very effective. What I notice is that he uses very simple plain backgrounds and it is the opposite of Victor Demarchelier. However, I think that a plain background could help more and highlight the clothing or jewelry than a busy background. Hobbs gives me the idea that I can almost use any background for fashion photography. Finally, I choose photography with heavy makeup. I could not find a specific photographer for this area; however, I believe that these photographs can help me to give me an idea if I want to sell a brand of makeup. Also, I can incorporate the three ideas of the photographers: the makeup, the colorful clothes and the background to create a solid picture for my project