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I am selecting a candle look book for my final. Since I make candles, I thought it would be a good idea to make one for my business to display when selling in person or to send to stores that might be interested. I like all the ideas above since they appeal interesting, clean, and simple.

Ex J Maldonado


Ex J


This project research gave me an idea of how you can shoot a camera. It does not have to be against a plain background. I love that the use props to fill the frame. The way they include the film to add accents to the photograph is something I will mimic in my Zine. Other than the picture in of the SX-70 it seems like it is all natural soft lighting. Composition is very important, the background elements cannot be distracting if the picture is to work.

Ex J



I enjoy how these photographers pulled all the attention to the product. They used methods that inspired me to use on my images. Using complete white or blank background to show off the product or a detailed background the product is always the apparent focus. All images focus on the detail of the product which makes the product look appealing and i want that in my mouth. My goal is to make my images do the same to the person viewing.