Ex E Maldonado



Ex D

Abstract photos, I love how the shadows and the B&W make the image abstract. The abstract catches my attention and makes me study where the light is coming from. I plan to use 2 possibly 2 lights to illuminate my subjects.

BokehBack, Having the a background all blown out to bokeh makes these images very interesting to me. Some might be in the street but with these images we are dropping down the Fstops to the widest we can go to maximize the bokeh effect in the back making the lights look like orbs.

HeadonMinimal, In these images the photographer isolates everything and makes the subject stand out. I plan to use close to the same method. Using black spaces to isolate my subject.ContactSheet-001

ex d



For each individual picture there is a distinct neutral color palette with one or two pops of color. That is the type of thing that draws my attention and makes me look at the rest of the photograph. The extra pop is an element that I will bring to my table top project! The use of color separation with lines helps maintain a minimalistic and clean look to the photo. Unexpected props are also used such was fruits with geometric shapes and different surfaces such as granite create more interest in a table top photo.